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Alive and (near) kicking!!

Hi there minna-san, daijoubu desu ka? Happy (super) belated 2018. ^^;;;
After being dead for a while, I'm finally back with an update....so without further ado, let's get to it - as I believe it's quite overdue. :p

First thing first, the new look: it's a divs/tables design called Believe which features one of the most known yaoi series out there (even those who don't know yaoi have heard of it), Tohru Kousaka's Okane ga Nai - or as I call it, Stockholm Syndrome manga. xD
It took me a while to make this because I was torn between the current header and another bluer one.... but in the end the laugh factor in this one sealed its victory. n.n

Now onto the additions....which make for a veeery tiny batch: I only have 2 new yaoi premades; one features the artwork of one of my favorite yaoi mangakas, Naono Bohra, whereas the other is simply I♥Boys' previous site layout. I shouldn't but I have a big preference for the Naono Bohra's design as her art is incredibly gorgeous and unique - so much that everyone can recognize it instantly. ♥♥

This was an incredible short entry - and a microscopic update - but I've been away too long and couldn't wait until I had more to update...but if all goes at least half-well, next time should be bigger, better and (hopefully) sooner; so, see you then.
Take care guys, and have a wonderful week. ♥

Posted on 01.21.2018  •  0 slashaholics

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