An update....hallelujah!!

Hi there, fellow yaoiholics. ^.^
It's been a while, but I'm finally back with a new look and above all new additions; but let's follow my usual order.

The new version is called My heart's sides and it's an advanced divs design based on one of the oldest stylesheets I've stored on my hdd; it took forever to tweak and fit the site - because the code is obsolete and hideous - but I finally did it; the original template came without an header, but I added one I had made for an eventual new premade....and I love how they come together so sleekly. ♥

Now, for the additions: this is a quite slim update, but I was too eager to update to wait until I had more; anyway, here's a list of what we have in this update.
  • 1 new yaoi design, which is simply I♥B's previous layout.
  • 1 new slash header, which is the header I made for Ast3rism's current version.
  • 16 new yaoi icons, 10 matching this site's version and 6 featuring Yuri On Ice!
As I said it's not much, but I hope you still enjoy and give me some precious feedback about it.

Have to go now, because tonight I'm starting my "Pirates of Carabbean" marathon to prepare for Sunday when I'm going to watch the new one; see you all on next update.
Take care guys, and have a super-wonderful week-end. ♥

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Yay, additions!!!

[EDITED ON 05.08] Sorry for going M.I.A. for so long, but I'm back now and I promise new things are coming very soon, so stay tuned. Cheers. ♥ [/EDITED]

Hello there, fellow yaoi/slash fans. ^.^
After laziness hence procrastination and delays, I'm finally updating with new things; I had hoped to have a new look as well, but I couldn't find any good yaoi/slash premade and all my own attempts were even, the new look is coming next time - sorry for that. :p

But let's move onto the additions now, as I managed to make a pretty nice bunch; here's a proper list.
  • 2 new slash designs, featuring respectively White Collar and yet again Fantastic Beasts.
  • 2 new yaoi headers, both featuring some Attack on Titan's doujinshi art.
  • 3 new slash headers, ranging from Fantastic Beasts to my obsession The Walking Dead
  • 2 new icons 100x100, matching one of the two slash premades.
I'm still on a Fantastic Beast and where to find them high so most things from this batch feature the movie, but this is gonna be the last time; there'll be more fandoms variety next time, but in the meantime I hope you'll enjoy this update anyway. xD

Have to go now, as I wanna watch a movie called Eddie the eagle with Taron Edgerton and Hugh Jackman; see you all on next update.
Everybody take care and have a very wonderful Sunday. ♥

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Welcome.. I♥Boys, your quality source for quality yaoi, shonen-ai and slash designs; please read the terms before using anything, and enjoy. ♥

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