terms of usage

To not forget absolutely

They must be the first thought while browsing the site; be sure to follow them, or you will be banned.
  1. DO NOT copy/direct-link/steal or imitate anything on this site.
  2. You can only change premade layouts' font family, size and color; NO other changes allowed.
  3. Headers cannot be modified in any way; if you want a customized header, email me and I'll see if I have time
  4. DO NOT request image variatons of my designs; none will be made.
  5. DO NOT take out the layouts' credits part; they must remain visible.
  6. DO NOT claim as yours and/or redistribute any graphic/resources on this site.
  7. DO link back, if you use anything from this site (a text link on your credits page is enough).


The real copyrights

I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING on this site except my hand-made graphics; everything original - the images, the original characters and the series, etc. - BELONGS TO ITS RESPECTIVE OWNERS.
The layout design and all the graphics on this site are copyrighted exclusively to me with a little help (check the credits for that). By visiting I♥Boys, you acknowledge that you agree to the terms and conditions listed up on this page. If you're found breaking them, you will be banned from the site and I will contact your host about it.
I do NOT make money with this, it's just for passion; any copyrights infringement is not voluntarily wanted.