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[EDITED ON 10.18] Yo guys, sorry for the long absence; I've been busy, but I♥B is coming back soon with a new look and new things, so stay tuned. Take care. ♥ [/EDITED]

Hello there, how's your summer going? ^.^
The post's title sums up what this update is about: some minor changes and a minor update; but let's proceed orderly.

I decided to redo the code of the current site look: the old version was made using advanced divs, who caused the design to look absolutely weird and ugly on tablets, so I changed it to tables leaving only the font, the headers and the navigation as they were; what changed is basically the premade's build, with the sidebar, content area, title and subtitle turned into table cells. I'm happy how it turned out, as I could no longer stand the old coding. n.n

Now, for the minor update: in this case minor equals to tiny, as I only have 1 new yaoi design along with 1 new yaoi header; both feature the yaoi series Love Stage by Eiki Eiki, which I recommend whole-heartedly - it's cute and fun, I read it online and loved it. ♥

Have to go now, as I plan to update both Hakanai and Neon Sky tomorrow and I have to get everything ready; see you on next entry.
Take care guys, and have the most wonderful Sunday. ♥

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An update....hallelujah!!

Hi there, fellow yaoiholics. ^.^
It's been a while, but I'm finally back with a new look and above all new additions; but let's follow my usual order.

The new version is called My heart's sides and it's an advanced divs design based on one of the oldest stylesheets I've stored on my hdd; it took forever to tweak and fit the site - because the code is obsolete and hideous - but I finally did it; the original template came without an header, but I added one I had made for an eventual new premade....and I love how they come together so sleekly. ♥

Now, for the additions: this is a quite slim update, but I was too eager to update to wait until I had more; anyway, here's a list of what we have in this update.
  • 1 new yaoi design, which is simply I♥B's previous layout.
  • 1 new slash header, which is the header I made for Ast3rism's current version.
  • 16 new yaoi icons, 10 matching this site's version and 6 featuring Yuri On Ice!
As I said it's not much, but I hope you still enjoy and give me some precious feedback about it.

Have to go now, because tonight I'm starting my "Pirates of Carabbean" marathon to prepare for Sunday when I'm going to watch the new one; see you all on next update.
Take care guys, and have a super-wonderful week-end. ♥

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