The grand reopening!!

Posted on 04.12.2020 | 0 comments

Hello fellow yaoi and slash fans. ^-^
I♥Boys is finally back in business; the current host is an extremely good one (and pre-paid for 3 years), I've uploaded everyting including the new things and I've also a new amazing look to celebrate the reopening. So let's start.

I♥B's version 6.0 is called Malec and features the titular (and for once fully canon!) couple from the hit series Shadowhunters; I don't remember where I found the header (probably Twitter or Deviantart), but the layout was gorgeously coded by the amazing Kevin @ H0neydip - whom I'll be forever thankful to. I've been in adoration of this design ever since Kevin coded it, and I'm proud I finally found a way to display it proudly. ♥♥

But now let's move onto the site content....and the new additions: currently the site is home to 11 yaoi designs, 9 slash designs, 24 premade headers and 40 icons total; these numbers include the brand new things I made for the reopening, which you can find listed down here.
  • 2 new yaoi designs
  • 2 new slash designs
  • 2 new premade headers
  • 12 new yaoi icons
I love everything in the new batch, but let me know which is - or are - your favorite/s. That's it for now, but next time I could have a new category as I'm planning to separate slash and yaoi headers same as I did the icons (I'm still not 100% sure about it, though, so it might not happen).

Gotta go now, as I need to work on my other sites...which I've shamefully neglected for too long now. xD
Take care guys, and have a wonderful Easter. ♥