The webmiss

My boring whats and whatnots

NAME: Annalisa;
WEB-NAME: Lucien, Lucien Sabre;
BIRTHDAY: October 19th;
E-MAIL: luciensabre[AT];
NETWORK: The Artificial Network;
YOUTUBE: LucienSabre;
LIKES: Ani-manga, Yaoi/Slash, Internet, Fan fictions, Webdesign, Harry Potter, Teen Wolf, The Hobbit, Shadowhunters, Wolves, Dragons, Old castles, Ghost stories, Myths and legends, Movies & TV, Winter season, Reading;
DISLIKE: Rainy days, summer season, being without internet, big bugs and vipers, conceited snobs and know-it-alls.
WANTED ITEMS :: A new smartphone and some good screen recording software (like Camtasia or Action).

I'm not a very instrospective person, so it's hard for me to describe myself but I'm gonna try.
I was born some 3X odds years ago and grew up in a northern-Italy country town with my parents and grandparents...getting spoiled rotten by both. :p My school and high school years were pretty uneventful, I tried Uni but dropped out after failing my first year's first exam. So, my parents sent me to England for one year to study the language - boy, I'm glad they did or I wouldn't be able to type this - the first, last and only place where I came out with excellent results (I still march on that xD).
When my British year ended, I joined the working force and worked for 7 years in a travel agency, spent a couple of years acting as a caretaker for (and still getting spoiled by) my grandparents...until my grandma passed away three years ago. Then I found a job as an office worker in a press brake tools company, which lasted until May last year when I was fired because of the economical crisis - and because of some fake reasons they made up. Now I'm on jub hunting again, but it's even harder than three years ago; so, in my free time, I do what I like which is listed above.