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[EDITED ON 10.18] Yo guys, sorry for the long absence; I've been busy, but I♥B is coming back soon with a new look and new things, so stay tuned. Take care. ♥ [/EDITED]

Hello there, how's your summer going? ^.^
The post's title sums up what this update is about: some minor changes and a minor update; but let's proceed orderly.

I decided to redo the code of the current site look: the old version was made using advanced divs, who caused the design to look absolutely weird and ugly on tablets, so I changed it to tables leaving only the font, the headers and the navigation as they were; what changed is basically the premade's build, with the sidebar, content area, title and subtitle turned into table cells. I'm happy how it turned out, as I could no longer stand the old coding. n.n

Now, for the minor update: in this case minor equals to tiny, as I only have 1 new yaoi design along with 1 new yaoi header; both feature the yaoi series Love Stage by Eiki Eiki, which I recommend whole-heartedly - it's cute and fun, I read it online and loved it. ♥

Have to go now, as I plan to update both Hakanai and Neon Sky tomorrow and I have to get everything ready; see you on next entry.
Take care guys, and have the most wonderful Sunday. ♥

Posted on 07.22.2017  •  0 slashaholics

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