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Back with a vengeance!!

Hi there fellow yaoi and slash fans, how's going? ^^
It's been a long while, but to compensate being m.i.a. for so long I bring you what's probably the biggest update in all I♥Boys' (short so far xD) life; so without further ado, let's get started.

First of all, the new look: it's basic divs layout called Team Stony and features my favorite MCU fandom couple - more like a power couple - Steve Rogers/Tony Stark (a.k.a. Stony); I fell in love with the image the moment I saw it (but I've completely forgot where I found it), and so of course I had to use it in a design/graphic....and it ended up being the site's version 5.0. I hope you like it, but any kind of constructive feedback is more than velcome. =)

Now onto the additions: as I said, this is likely I♥B' largest update since I never managed to add new things to basically all the categories; but let me give you a roll call of what's been added.
  • 2 new yaoi designs, both featuring famous yaoi series Okane ga Nai.
  • 2 new slash designs (finally), featuring respectively Rise of the Guardians and the M.C.U.
  • 4 new headers, two yaoi and two slash ones.
  • 12 new icons, all yaoi and featuring random art or artists.
I'll try to add some slash icons in next update, but in the meantime I hope you'll enjoy this batch. n.n

Have to go now, for I wanna buy an Android tablet so I need to watch some related videos on YouTube; see you all on next update.
Take care guys, and have a very wonderful Sunday. ♥

Posted on 05.19.2018  •  1 slashaholics

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